Achievement Scheme Roadshow North

Download the presentation slides here

The Achievement Scheme Review Committee (ASRC) held it’s first Roadshow at Brighouse in Yorkshire on 25th February 2017. The idea behind the Roadshow was to bring anyone involved in delivering or managing the scheme, or BMFA members considering undertaking such roles, upto  date with all the recent developments and initiatives within the Achievement Scheme and allow discussion and debate about how the scheme runs.

The day started with Peter Willis thanking all those present for their commitment and valuable contribution in enabling the scheme through their time and effort as Examiners and Instructors. Two newly appointed Area Chief Examiners/Instructors, Bob Rowland and Stephen Jackson, were then awarded their certificates by Duncan McClure the RC Scheme (Power & Silent Flight) Controller.
Duncan then spoke about the Philosophy behind the scheme and gave a summary of the most recent developments.  John Harris spoke about how to organise Area Workshops for Club Examiners and Instructors and gave examples of guidance materials available to assist.
All present then enjoyed a very nice lunch before Peter Willis (who has just taken over as Chairman of the ASRC from the long serving Terry Rounce) spoke about the new BMFA You Tube Channel and showed a video the ASRC had posted to help Examiners understand the various stabilisation options for Multi Rotor aircraft.
Duncan McClure spoke about the new stand alone Scheme Handbook and Andy Symons demonstrated the new dedicated Achievement Scheme Website and the very new Examiner/Instructor Facebook Discussion Group, which had only gone live some 24 hours earlier and was already getting good support with a picture of the actual event already online. There was also a session on the new scheme tests such as the Basic Proficiency Certificate and the FPV Extension, this was then followed by a session on the Mandatory Questions.
Some lively debate was sometimes generated during some of the questions posed throughout the day but importantly all present seemed to learn lots and enjoy the day with many saying it had been a really useful event and that we all had a part to play in making the scheme develop and grow. Many also commented about how useful it had been to meet the current members of the ASRC and put faces to names etc. although there was mention of how different some looked in real life!
Another Achievement Scheme Roadshow is planned for 18th March at Royal Wooton Bassett and if this is as well received as the one at Brighouse they may well be repeated on a annual basis for the next couple of years. The Achievement Scheme dedicated website can be accessed via the highlighted Achievement Scheme News link on the main BMFA website home page and Examiners and Instructors should sign up to get email notification of any important information posted on the dedicated website.