Fixed Wing A certificate and BPC Quiz

This quiz is based on the type of questions you may be asked when being assessed for the Fixed Wing A Certificate and also the Fixed Wing Basic Proficiency Certificate and is simply an aid to help you prepare for taking the test.

10 questions will be selected at random from the bank of available questions. We will be adding to the question bank over time so do keep checking back and try again.

Please remember that your examiner  will not be giving you multiple choice questions and may ask questions that do not appear in this quiz.

Don’t forget to give the Quiz based on the 20 Mandatory questions, of which you will be asked 5 a go! See

Welcome to your Fixed Wing A & BPC Test Quiz

Be S.M.A.R.T. with your transmitter. In the S.M.A.R.T Acronym, what does the S stand for?
Ailerons control the aircraft:-
After taking off, your first turn should be?
When using 2.4GHz equipment, if the aircraft has a carbon fibre fuselage problems may be experienced unless
If you fit your propeller backwards (the wrong way round) what will happen?
What type of propeller would you not use? Select all that apply.
After a particularly heavy landing, do you:
Whilst flying your model, it occasionally, and mysteriously, goes into failsafe when it is beyond about 500 yards away.

As a solution, do you:
What is the minimum required function of a fail safe?
What sort of material should be used for jettisonable ballast?