East Anglia Area Fixed Wing ‘A’ and ‘B’ Instructor & Examiner Workshop

September 8, 2018 @ 9:00 am
Raydon & District MAC
Phil Gutteridge
07810 547 406

Kindly hosted by Raydon & District MAC

(near Capel St Mary off the A12)

Saturday 8th September 2018, commencing @ 10 am

Directions for the site will be sent to all attendees nearer the time.  Please book-in early as the numbers will be limited to about 20.

The Workshop is being held in support of the BMFA Achievement Scheme and is designed to help Instructors & Examiners to improve consistency.  25 pilots attended the last workshop and rated the usefulness and enjoyment of the day at 97%!  Over 70% had all their questions about the tests answered on the day.

The purpose is to allow Pilots, Instructors and Examiners the opportunity to gain experience, share information and discuss the requirements of the Fixed Wing ‘A’ and ‘B’ tests in a relaxed and informal environment.  Delegates will be asked to ‘score’ the aspects of the mock tests, being pre-flight checks, from the pits to the take-off point, all of the elements of the flight, the retrieval and the post-flight checks – note:  the demo flights will have various deliberate errors incorporated. 

Following this, there will be a group critique of the test in which the Demonstration Pilot will participate.  At the conclusion of each section, the Demonstration Pilot will fly the schedule to the required standards.

Refreshments and barbecue will be running from about 10.30 until we run out of food.

For further details, contact the Event Organiser, Phil Gutteridge, East Anglia Achievement Scheme Co-Ordinator on philg44@sky.com or 07810 547 406

Examiner and Instructor Workshop


Programme of the Day

Arrival and Registration from 9am

Start 10am

Introductions and aim of the day

Site briefing by Club Representative

Delegate’s briefing for both ‘A’ and ‘B’  – will include an explanation of the shape and position of the required manoeuvres.

Demonstration Pilot to carry out Pre-Flight checks.  Delegates to score

Critique of Pre-Flight checks – all, including Demo Pilot

Demonstration of Fixed Wing ‘A’ with common errors included.  Delegates to OBSERVE and score

Critique of ‘A’ schedule by all including the Demo Pilot to cover:

  • from the pits to the flight line
  • Each manoeuvre
  • Recovery and Post-Flight checks

Demonstration of the ‘A’ Schedule to the ‘required’ standard.

Barbecue will be available from about 10.30 ish for bacon and egg rolls.

Barbecue will finish around 2pm, or when the food runs out

There will be a charge of £5 that will cover feed and drink all day.

Lunch break after the ‘A’ Schedule ‘required’ standard Demonstration Flight.  Discussion of Mandatory Questions during lunch.

Demo of FW ‘B’ with common errors included.  Delegates to OBSERVE and score

Critique of ‘B’ Schedule, similar to the ‘A’ schedule

Demonstration of the ‘B’ Schedule to the ‘required’ standard.

Feedback.  What was good, what worked, what didn’t, can we improve

Close of Workshop around 4 pm

Time will be available for general flying – bring your BMFA card if you wish to fly.  Mentoring is available for those practicing towards their next Assessment.

Fixed Wing ‘A’ and ‘B’ test can be carried out if required.

If you wish to fly, please bring your BMFA Membership Card with you.